Just a tree please...

Have many times have you read or noticed a post by someone only to glance at it and shrug it off? Myself? I can’t count the times. Now let me ask, how many times has a post you shrugged off stuck with you, drawn you back to it for a closer look? Well that happened to me a couple of days ago.

I was scanning posts on one of the many sites I visit looking for interesting stories to post on my own blog site or Facebook page. As I was reading over the many post, one caught my eye, but only momentarily. I must admit, I shrugged it off. But there was something about it that would not let me go. I went back to it several times. The more I read it the more I saw. The more I saw, the more my desire grew to do something. Which brings us to this point.

The post was simply written, straight to the point so to speak. I would like to share with you that post. (Personal information has been edited)

If you or any one you know have a fake tall Christmas tree you want gone please let me know, I am a single mother of two, and I have yet to know how I'm going to get my kid's presents but if I have a tree it will still feel like Christmas.”

Here is this mother of two children, and all she is asking for is a Christmas tree. (Her old one fell apart last year.) She’s not asking for a new tree, or live tree, just a used tree. A tall used tree.

How could I not respond to this. I wasn’t sure of what, if anything, I could do, but I knew I had to try something. I contacted BD through the site listing her post via email. I asked if she would be interested in sharing her story with others.

BD was timid at first, not wanting to be made fun of or come off sounding like a beggar. I assured her that was not my intention. After several emails and text I learned more about her situation. This is her story...

“My name is BD, I am a single mother of two beautiful children. I have a son who is 9 and my daughter will be 11 in January. I am looking for help trying to find a used Christmas tree that someone might be getting rid of.  Ours fell apart last year, I am unsure on how I am going to provide gifts for my kids this year, but I know if we have a tree we still can decorate it as a family and have the warm feeling Christmas brings.   Please know we are not beggars and that up to recently I have worked my whole life.  I have had two knee surgeries and am waiting to find out if I am having more.”

I soon found out that BD, in her early thirties, worked as a general manager of three salons. One day, while working on a ladder, she fell backwards off the ladder onto a table. The  results were she displaced both knee joints and damaged her back, as she was double up after the fall. She is currently waiting on temporary disability. Most of us on disability know how long that can take.

BD has 18 years experience in the hair care industry. She considers herself a strong woman, and after communicating with her I would readily tend to agree. She also mentions the fact that she has to borrow what she can to help with bills, trying to make ends meet while fighting to keep her car.

I asked BD more about her children, it was my idea to post a need, want and desire list for these two young children who may not have a Christmas this year. I also asked BD what she needed or would like to have, other than the tree that is, but more on that later. As stated before, she has two children, a son who is nine, and a daughter soon to be eleven in January. Please let’s make this a Merry Christmas, and Happy Birthday for these children. Here is a list of sizes and needs.

The son, age 9, loves x box and would like new Skylander characters for his game. He wears a 10 reg in pants, an 11/12 in shirts, and his shoe size is 3. He also needs a new comforter set. (I am assuming twin size.)

When I asked what he desired, BD told me her son would love to play soccer.

The daughter, age 11 (almost), loves anything Monster High, her sizes are 10 reg., size 3 shoe. She also needs a new twin comforter set.

When asked about her desires, the reply was she would love to ride a horse.

BD would love to take both children to a theme park someday.

There are two realizations for me after my conversations with BD, and while writing this:

Number One is BD loves her children very much and is willing to do whatever she can for them, even if it is only asking for a used Christmas tree.

Number Two... well that is a different matter. Those of you who know me personally know I do not celebrate Christmas, at least not the way most people do. Somewhere down the road I lost the spirit of the season, but after hearing BD’s story, and writing it... let me just say I just might be on my way to finding again.

I will be comprising a wish list on amazon.com for these two children. You can find a link to it at my blog http://streetvoicedigesthome.blogspot.com/
there is also a pay pal donation button.

*Author’s Note* An anonymous donor purchased a tree for BD and her children as this blog was being written. I also asked BD if she had any wants for the holiday. Her only want, need, and desire is providing for her children. She would like to have a Wal-Mart gift card to buy laundry soap and groceries. What more can I say?

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