*UPDATE* "Just A Tree Please..."

It's been an eventful month for me here in Oklahoma. I survived two holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving, and one birthday, mine. Number 51 for those of you keeping score. Now if I can just make it through the next four... Christmas, New Years, Valentines, and Tax Day!

We have had little response to our story "Just A Tree..", and that is okay, it was a lesson in patience.

Patience finally paid off for this mother and her two children. As I stated in the earlier article she received a tree from an anonymous donor while I was compiling the story, and it wasn't long after publishing the story I received a message someone who was willing to help with clothing. "Not much", they said, but as most of us know, anything, and everything, helps in times such as this.

I was told by this donor that they were on a fixed income and couldn't afford much, but they were willing to use layaway at a local "mart" store, maybe a couple of outfits a piece and possibly some shoes too!

Well my friends, that box came in Monday, the 3rd. It will be delivered to BD and her children this weekend. Though we didn't go through the articles, we did notice that it was indeed a couple of outfits a piece with shoes. It wasn't everything on her wishlist for her children, but it is a wonderful start.

I cannot wait to see the look on BD's face as we deliver it this weekend. If you would like to help BD and her children you can email me a streetvoicedigest@gmail.com . Also if both parties agree I can put you in direct contact with BD

Thank you,
Ray Trower a.k.a. Street Voice

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